Access Control Systems – Proven Reliability for Your Security

Access control is any mechanism or system that manages access through the authorization or revocation of rights to physical or logical assets within an organization.Trusted by millions of customers around the world, ANS Technology provides comprehensive physical access control solutions to secure your facilities, assets, networks and cloud resources.


Dynamic access control is the secure management of identity data via contactless or mobile technology for access control across the organization, creating a more connected environment and a better or more productive end-user experience. Protect people, facilities, networks and assets with comprehensive HID Global access control systems.

Access control is continually evolving. Keeping the access control architecture up-to-date with changes in compliance, functionality and security can be a daunting task. HID Global's record of ground-breaking innovations continues with access control solutions, powered by Seos®. This award-winning solution is focused on innovative functionality, flexibility and secure communication between devices.

We also deal with Biometric Access Control, which is a finger print biometric reader that allows for authorized persons only/or finger prints and restricts unauthorized entry. They come with a time attendance record. This instrument has easy LED and LCD instructions. It is compact, rugged and elegant design. Our products are provided at nominal prices and are delivered to the customer defined destinations within specified time duration.

Systems:  Access Control Systems, Card Access, Door Controls, Readers, Keypads, etc.


Single doors to fully computerized, distributed access control for multiple facilities...

  • Complete security and access control systems
  • Single & multi-door systems
  • Prox readers and multi-technology readers, cards, tags
  • Tenant access control systems
  • Magnetic locks, REX devices, locks and locking components, door devices
  • Badging software, card printers, accessories
  • Electric strikes, accessories
  • Power supplies, timers, etc.


 ZK-SC403 is an access control devices produced by ZKTeco, which is made with elegant design and professional surface treatment. The device have lock control, alarm, exit button, door sensor. The Wigand-in interface is used to connect external reader to construct master and slave system. Also the device can be used to connect with a control panel as a reader by Wigand-out interface. The operation can be done on the device through LCD display, also can be done on PC software and upload to the device through TCP/IP, RS232/485 communication. The USB-host is used for data download and upload, including user template and record etc. SC403 is suitable for house, small office and factory etc.SC403

Key Features:

  • Tough casing design
  • Easy installation, safe and reliable
  • Simple and convenient operation method
  • ID card standard, Mifare card optional
  • Full door lock control system
  • Wiegand out to connect with control panel
  • Wiegand in to construct master and slave system
  • Audio prompt and LED feedback guide the user to operate



Biosecurity BSC09 is a widely used Access Control system. It is suitable for the entrances and exits of offices, factories, hotels, schools, etc. All input /output are using anti-jamming protection and over-voltage/circuit protection. The greatest advantage of BSC09 is that it's easy to install, comes with multifunctional & elegant design and reasonable price.bsc09

Key Features:

  • Operating system: Linux
  • User capacity: 3000
  • Transaction capacity: 100000
  • Sensor: Biosecurity Sensor
  • Communicational: TCP/IP or RS232 and RS485, USB host
  • Keyboard and Display: LCD with 80 character and figure keypad
  • Power: 12 V DC 3A
  • Identification speed: <=2 seconds
  • Temperature operating: 0°C - 45°C
  • Standard: Wire Doorbell, Wiegand OUT, Wiegand IN
  • Optional: ID/HID/Mifare card, Webserver, Short message, Workcode, RIS, Antipass-back
  • Optional: Webserver, Workcode, RIS,Multi-identification, 9 Digits User ID, Schedule Status
  • Dimension: 212.3*95.8*53.5mm



MultiBio 700 is a new generation multiple biometric identification product, standard integrating with Face, Fingerprint, PIN recognition and optional with RFID mode, as to facial identification algorithm, it captures the relative position, size, and shape of user’s eyes, nose, cheekbones, and jaw features, these feature templates are used to be matching feature data, when users verify on device, it distills captured features into value and compares with templates to eliminate variance.

MultiBio 700 may hold 400 faces (optional 3000) without dividing groups, its default identification mode is Fingerprint & Face, additionally, as it is a kind of professional access control facial device, it may work with the third party such as electric lock, alarm, door belling, sensor and so on, in order to improve security for human life and enterprise information.BL1500

Key Features:

  • Default verification mode is Fingerprint & Face, available to choose other 19 modes, such as RFID & Face, Face & PIN, Fingerprint only, RFID only.
  • Elegant ergonomic design
  • TCP/IP, RS232/485 communication and USB Host.
  • 0 inch TFT touch screen, T9 Input, 9 Digit User ID.
  • 2 user-defined function keys, the left one is for door belling, the right one is for shift of identification mode.
  • Infra-red optical system enables user-identification in poorly lit environments.
  • Wiegand input for working with wiegand reader, wiegand output for connecting to access control panel.
  • Optional with ID card module or Mifare card module (available when using ZKFinger9.0 algorithm).
  • Professional access control compatible with the 3rd party door sensor, alarm, exit button, wired bell and electric lock.
  • 50 time zones, 99 groups and 10 unlock combinations, anti-pass back and dismantle function.



 ZK F18 is  Reliable, durable and highly accurate ZK fingerprint sensor with ver. 10 algorithm provides less than 1.5 second user recognition. Works without computer. Complete setup and programming can be done via keypads and embedded firmware. Graphical user interface on a 3.5 inch TFT display for rich user experience. Audio-Visual Indication for acceptance and rejection of valid/invalid fingerprints. Relay outputs for electric lock and alarm. Inputs for door status sensor and exit switch. Supports multiple time zones and personnel groups for programming valid entry zones. The alarm will be triggered when the tamper switch is activated. Weigand output for connecting to access control panel and Ethernet port for fast and reliable communication with the computer.

Can store up to 1500 templates and 30,000 transactions. The data can be backed up to a USB flash drive and can also be transferred to another reader in the absence of computer connectivity. Internal Proximity Card or MI fare Card reader allows dual factor authentication for access control.F18

Key Features:

  • Three different kinds of interface style, including common, matrix and magic styles
  • Reliable, durable and highly accurate ZK infrared detection fingerprint sensor with version 10.0 fingerprint algorithm
  • Less than 1 second user recognition
  • Stores 1500 fingerprint templates and 30,000 transactions
  • Reads fingerprint and/or RFID cards.
  • Built-in Serial and Ethernet ports
  • Built-in Wiegand input/output port for connection to third part access control panels
  • Built-in USB port allows for manual data transfer
  • Audio-Visual indication for acceptance and rejection of valid/invalid fingers
  • Tamper switch and alarm contacts
  • Special Order with HID or MI fare card modules



BS3000 is the fingerprint door lock you have been searching for. With its innovative and user-friendly interface, this door lock is very reliable and heavy duty.

Key Features:BS3000

  • Fingerprint Lock with OLED Display and USB interface
  • Display :OLED
  • Fingerprint:500, Password:100, ID number:500
  • Transaction storage : 30,000
  • Communication mode :USB flash disk
  • Power supply :4-AA alkaline batteries 4.2V-6V
  • Verification method: Fingerprint, password, MF/ID, fingerprint password, card fingerprint, card password

ZK (L7000)

SC700 TThe fingerprint lock offers state-of-the-art single door management solution that provides you with unmatched options that comes with OLED. You can verify a person and open the door with fingerprint and password. The All-in-one fingerprint lock is very convenient to operate. Enrollment and management of users are done on the OLED display.

There are three user levels available to manage the system effectively- administrator, supervisor and user.

An administrator can do add, delete or change users very easily at the lock.