POS System Hardware for Better Business Transactions



pos1ANS offers a wide range of software options that can meet the demanding needs of today’s businesses. Our software is designed to simplify daily operations of any business. Improving access to critical sales data to detailed analysis of daily operations. MRMS software allows businesses to maximize their productivity and earnings potential with an intuitive software solution in an ever-changing restaurant industry.

ANS is committed to providing resellers with the latest point-of-sale technology from instant identification scanning to high-throughput product barcode scanning. We can help you create customized solutions improve payment transaction and barcode scanning efficiency.

Build complete check-out systems with POS system hardware, including in-counter scanners, cash drawers and tills, customer displays and kiosks, check and MSR readers, payment terminals, receipt printers, software and more. Our inventory includes products used by retails, restaurants, hotels and fine merchants across the globe.



Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management POS (MRMS)msdynamics

Microsoft Dynamics RMS is a complete POS solution for small and midsize retailers operating everything from a single store to a whole chain. It is comprehensive and scalable for those businesses focusing on significant growth.

It offers advanced functionality such as multidimensional inventory management, customized reporting, advanced purchasing, and receivables management. And Microsoft Dynamics RMS integrates with well-known financial packages you may be using now.

Microsoft Dynamics RMS can be customized for your specific business requirements, providing you with the investment protection of a flexible solution that adapts to meet demanding retail needs.




XT-2614E is POSIFLEX's answer to the raising demands for the Android based POS terminal with all the features and capabilities of a traditional POS. It allows store owners to smoothly run the daily operation, while XT-2614E delivers a low total cost of ownership and provides years of dependable operation.



Slimmer than ever, and with every curves and details carefully thought out to make XT-2614E one of the most visually desirable terminals in the market.


To provide unmatched flexibility, XT-2614E equips with the foldable base that can be configured into “Flat Folded Mode”, “Low Profile Mode” or “Full Extended Mode” depending on the application. (U.S. Patent #9004436)

Fanless Design

No more headaches on fan maintenance! fanless design not only allows XT-2614 to function well in harsh environment, it also enables the terminal to run quietly in places such as hospitals, where silent operation is of upmost importance.



JIVA XT-5315

posiflex2In today’s retail and hospitality markets, POS terminal is no longer just a cold and hard business tool. It is a part of the store decoration, a part of the store image. Each curve and detail of the POS terminal should lighten the overall mood of the store, to lift the shopping experience of customers.

With the true-flat PCAP touch screen supporting multi-touch, beautifully sculptured slim body, sexily curved base stand, XT-5315 fits in well with any elegantly decorated store. And more than just good looks, XT-5315 is powerful enough to handle any task imaginable that comes its way.


Slimmer than ever! Every curve and detail of XT-5315 is carefully thought out to make itself one of the most visually desirable terminals in the market.


One-terminal/multi-configurations concept provides unmatched flexibility: “Flat Folded Mode” to save the shipping package volume. “Low Profile Mode” to allow greater interaction between the cashier and the customer; and the traditional “Full Extended Mode”. All this can be achieved with a simple pull of the hidden lever. (U.S. Patent 9004436)


A wide range of CPU options at your choice delivering incomparable performance and powerful enough to process anything throws at it without even breaking a sweat.

Fanless Design

Solve the fan maintenance issue and provide silent mode operation, which is ideally suited for high-end boutique stores or hospital environments.