Data Center – Cabling, Configuration


ANS Technology is a technology focused company that provides services that removes the limitations often associated with traditional IT companies. ANS IT does not recommend Break-Fix support, but encourages clients to think PRO-Actively to insure stable Networks and resources. This lowers the expensive soft costs associated with traditional Break-Fix support. datacenter1

ANS IT’s experience in Network Topology, System Administration, Hardware and Software is the foundation to our Networking Support Services. These include but are not limited to:

  • Server: Microsoft / Linux
  • Hardware: HP / IBM / Dell / Cisco / Sonic Wall / Watch Guard / Intel / AMD
  • Networking: Security / Routing / Wireless / IP
  • Remote Access: VPN / Remote Workplace / Security / HTTPS
  • Software: Office / Server / Enterprise / Collaboration / Development
  • Administration: Policy / Procedure / Disaster Recovery / Management / Corporate
  • Technology: Imaging, Off-Site, Virtual
  • Industry: Manufacturing / Healthcare / Non-Profit / Service / Government


 ANS IT understands support is about good management practice, better risk management, control and flexibility, and a renewed focus on your core business strategy and intellectual property assets. Think of it as making your organization agile and fit, a way to, in essence, turn the information technology that runs your business into an on-demand, just-in-time "stream", only what you need, when you need it.datacenter2

 ANS IT has the experience and team that can create a system for you and your business. Working hand-in-hand with ANS IT gives our clients the tools to create an easily manageable workplace.

  • Network (LAN/WAN) Design / Installation / Configurationdatacenter3
  • Network (WLAN) Design / Installation / Configuration
  • Hardware Provisioning
  • Multi-Location Installation / Configuration
  • Firewall and Remote Access Configuration
  • Virtualization
  • Backups and Disaster Recovery DR


DATTO Disaster Recovery Service is a complete IT business continuity solution that protects, and restores data, servers, or entire data centers suffering from a natural or man-made disaster. It will back up and replicate your systems into an on-site appliance and DATTO cloud data center. In case of outage, we can recover and restart your systems locally or in our cloud so you can continue providing IT services to your internal and external constituents until you can safely fail back. DATTO Disaster Recovery Service can protect any physical or virtual system in any environment and in any location. Whether you need to recover a single file, a database, or an entire server – it is as easy as a push-of-a-button. DATTO Disaster Recovery Service ensures that your business stays in business by providing a flexible, pay-as-you-go service.DR

All-in-one solution

A single integrated solution for all your backup, disaster recovery, and data retention needs.

DATTO Engine

Powered by DATTO AnyData Engine – the backup technology proven in thousands of deployments of DATTO Backup Solutions

Guaranteed, flexible RTODR4

Guaranteed, flexible Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of up to 15 minutes or less per server.

Single pane of glass

Single pane of glass for all your disaster recovery (DR) tasks with self-service Web-based recovery console allowing you to manage your entire disaster recovery environment.

Push-button recovery

Push-button recovery of entire data centers with automated run books designed in an intuitive, graphical recovery plans editor. No more hand-written recovery plans!

Automated testing

Automated testing allows to regularly test your protected serves in a virtual private environment. Activate up to 3 servers at any time, or entire environment every 8 weeks.

White glove support

White glove support from our team of experts available 24x7x365 to assist you in failover and failback. We will work with you every step of the way to recover your systems!

Broad choice of platforms

Broad choice of platforms and use cases - physical or virtual, local or cloud, any hypervisor, any storage.